Our Grande Prairie Dental Clinic Excels at Dental Care with Total Warmth

We make sure that your dental visits are comfortable.

Your Smile Matters

Your Smile Matters

Just Keep Smiling

Just Keep Smiling

No more the need to feel worried about your upcoming dental visit.

At Wapiti Dental in Grande Prairie, your visits are easier, more comfortable, and more affordable than ever. We successfully bring back the smile you always loved, in a setting that you will love visiting.

5 Ways We Enhance Your Smile with Empathic Care:

5 Ways We’ll Make You Smile:


Only empathy, no judgment

We know that your smile is unique, and your situation is different from others. We e take all efforts needed to understand your problem, identify the root cause of the problem, and then suggest the most viable dental treatment solution

Customised Dental Care

You are different, and so is your smile. Our dentists in Grande Prairie understand this fact. We look at treating your distinct case based on your goals, priorities, and budget.


Our certified and experienced team are here to helpget that radiating smile back in your life. We work closely to devise a treatment plan customized to your unique situation. Let us delight you with our empathic service!

State of the art facility

You will find that our dental clinic is equipped with the most advanced dental care material, equipment, and accessories. Your smile is in safe hands with Wapiti Dental.



At Wapiti Dental, we don’t just provide solutions based on our expertise. Rather, we recommend treatment options as per your priorities, choices, budget, and preferences.
For your payment, too, you can go for direct provider billing or flexible financing as per your convenience. Such flexibility proves why so many families in Grande Prairie love visiting our dentists for their dental problems.

Complimentary Consultation

Do you need an expert to look at your specific smile problem? Why not come over to our clinic? We offer a complimentary orthodontic SureSmile clear aligner consultation to enhance the beauty of your smile for treatment options similar to Invisalign in Grande Prairie.

Freedom to choose your specific mode of payment

We let you pick the payment option you feel will align with your specification and budget. This way, all you need to do is recover faster and see long-lasting improvement in your smile and facial aesthetics.

Treatment Plans as per Your Specific Case

From start to end, we are completely transparent about the estimated charges for a chosen dental treatment procedure. No nasty surprises at the end of the treatment phase.


Your Time, Our Expertise

We encourage you to let us know a time convenient to you for your dental visit. We make sure to fit you in according to this schedule. As a result, you can complete your dental visits without compromising on other aspects of your studies, work, or life.

Low Waiting Time

Since the appointments happen in a planned manner, you will find that there is almost no waiting time when you drop by our clinic at the appointed hour for your dental check-ups.

Visits that Put You at Ease

We do everything possible to ensure that your time at the dental clinic is free of tension. We have comfortable settings to put you at ease.


Memorably pleasant experience

People of all ages love visiting our dental clinic. The warm environment and welcoming nature of our staff help you forget about your worries and focus on your time at the clinic.

Kids Theatre Room

Kids are our premium patrons. The homely and fun-filled ambience, like a theatre room, makes it a fun experience for kids when they are waiting at our dental clinic.

Comfortable Atmosphere

Our adherence to COVID protocols and safe and hygienic environment make our dental clinic a must-visit for all types of dental problems in your family.


Advanced Technology

We use the latest and most advanced dental technology. The use of digital and 3D technology ensures longer-lasting and successful outcomes in various dental diagnostics and procedures.

Forget about Impressions

Gone are the days of old methods of paste-based impressions of the tooth. With our forte in advanced dental technology, you can avail of impressions made in seconds using the revolutionary 3D imaging wand.

Custom Smile Design

Our experience in Artificial Intelligence makes us better equipped to design custom smiles using this technology. See how your smile will look even before the treatment has started so that you know exactly what you are going for.

Same-Day Crowns

We also offer same-day crowns so that you can avoid multiple visits to the clinic for the same.

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