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6815 Kateri DriveGrande PrairieAB
+1 (780) 296 4075

Kids at Wapiti Dental

There are a lot of adult patients who are so afraid of the dentist that they ignore their dental problems.

They put off their dental problems for so long that when they are finally forced to do something about it, it’s EXTRA stressful, EXTRA chaotic, and EXTRA expensive.

Almost always, these fearful adults can trace their anxiety back to a bad experience as a child.

Your Kids Deserve to Love Their Dental Visits

By getting kids started with a dentist they love, your child can actually look forward to their dental visits and avoid the unnecessary pain, embarrassment, frustration, and cost that comes with avoiding the dentist as an adult.

Pediatric Services

Teeth extraction, Cavity filling (white fillings), Pulpotomies, Stainless steel crowns, Teeth straightening without braces, Exam & Cleaning

Dental Sedation

At Wapiti Dental we offer Nitrous Oxide (Laughing gas). Nitrous Oxide helps to reduce a childs pain and anxiety during procedures. Your child will still be aware of what is happening around them, but will feel dreamy, floaty, warm, and will have tingling in their hands and feet. (Also available for adults)

Frenectomy (Lip or Tongue tie)

At Wapiti Dental we us a isotopic CO2 laser to deliver fast results. The laser operates with utmost precision. Unique wavelengths also sterilizes the treatment area, reducing the likelihood of infection. Treatments like frenectomy procedures (lip tie and tongue tie) which can be invasive and usually done with a scalpel. With our dental laser they can be done quickly, and comfortably.

Your Kids will Love their Dental Visits

Kids are typically terrified of a dental appointment. But with Wapiti Dental, it is different. Dr. Sarah Piepgrass-Gander is  friendly and courteous. She ensures that your kids will eagerly look forward to their next dental visit.

As a mother of two kids, she understands dental anxiety and the importance of patience with kids. Kids have an amazing time when they visit her for any dental problems. This makes her the preferred dental care expert for your little ones.

My Super Mom Family Smile Pledge

When your Kids LOVE their Dentist, Parents Smile Too!


Fewer Hassles

You don’t have to worry anymore about bribing your kids or tricking them about their upcoming appointment.


Less Stress

Their visits are filled with smiles and laughs and photos, instead of screaming and tantrums and tears.


Save Money

Dental problems are always easier, safer, faster, and cheaper when they can be detected and treated early.