Dental Emergencies in Grande Prairie

Emergency Dentist Grande Prairie

Emergency Dentist Grande Prairie

Wapiti Dental

Wapiti Dental

Same Day Dental Emergency Visits

If you feel like something is wrong in your mouth, we’re here to help.

Dental problems are easier, faster, and cheaper to fix the sooner you get checked, and waiting too long can mean bigger problems down the road.

If you or someone you love is suffering from a broken tooth, tooth pain, infection, trauma, or any other big or small dental problem that you’re worried might get worse… we’ve got your back!

Your Grande Prairie Dentist is ready to help you right away.

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25+ years of experience

25+ years of experience

Free Dental Emergency Cheat Sheet

Download this Cheat Sheet

to learn how to manage dental emergencies from home.

You know that dental emergencies happen at the worst times. We hope you never need it, but just in case you do, download this Dental Emergency Cheat Sheet and save it to your phone.

You Will Learn:

What can be done at home to manage almost any dental emergency?
What can be done at home to manage almost any dental emergency?
What can be done at home to manage almost any dental emergency?

Click here to download your free copy (no email or
sign up required). If you prefer a hard copy, contact us
and we’d be happy to mail a free copy to you.

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    Get access to an experienced Emergency Dentist in Grande Prairie

    Dental emergencies can crop up at any time. You cannot wait till the next appointment to get these issues treated.

    At Wapiti Dental, Dr. Sarah Piepgrass-Gander is your trusted emergency dentist in Grande Prairie. We excel at providing you with the best emergency dental care services in Grande Prairie.

    Here are some problems requiring expert emergency dental treatment:

    The pain caused by toothaches can be severe and excruciating, especially when it affects sensitive teeth.

    A broken tooth is one of the most common dental emergencies. It can happen due to an accident or sudden trauma.

    A knocked out tooth can easily be misidentified as a broken one. The treatment process can begin when you reach your dentist’s office. Our emergency dentist in Grande Prairie will tend to such emergencies on an urgent basis.


    Why choose us?

    Our team is well trained, seasoned and equipped to handle a wide range of dental emergencies. They are board-certified professionals. You can be assured that we will be available to book your appointment at a chosen date and time of your convenience.

    We use advanced technology and equipment. This enables us to provide you with the best treatment at an affordable cost.

    The vast experience comes in handy for complicated cases involving broken or chipped teeth. We try our best to restore the integrity and functioning of the original tooth.

    This way, you can continue with your natural tooth without having to go for other procedures like implants.

    The most recent techniques are used to restore the natural appearance of your tooth.

    We can also assist patients with such procedures as cosmetic dentistry. You will be impressed with the results that come when we use highly advanced materials and technology.

    Get full access to our emergency dentist in Grande Prairie

    Our emergency dental care services are administered by board-certified professionals who have many years of experience in treating these issues safely and effectively.