Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We would love to meet you and your family.  

Yes! We handle all of the paperwork on your behalf. When your treatment is complete, we electronically submit your insurance claim forms directly to your insurance company so they can process your benefits as quickly as possible.

Yes! We’ll usually require a down payment, but depending on the treatment can come up with a personalize interest-free payment plan. 

Your old dental records are sometimes helpful. Other times it’s just as easy to start with a fresh set of records. If necessary, we can complete the transfer request to get your records from your old dentist on your behalf.

Absolutely!  Dentists aren’t required to, and some clinics will follow parts of the fee guide but not others.  Some costs like lab fees are out of our control and passed directly on to the patient, but we’re happy to provide an upfront quote before treatment. 

Crowns usually require 2-3 painful dental visits, weeks apart.  With advanced 3D scanning & printing technology you can be in and out with your crown in one visit, sometimes in as little as 2 hours.   No more impressions that make you choke and gag and your crown will cost less because there are fewer steps involved.  

Invisalign, as a brand, has become a popular alternative to braces.  We were planning on offering Invisalign, but decided to go with Suresmile Clear Aligners which are the exact same high quality product but at a lower cost to you.  Think brand name versus generic. 

Yes!  We love students.  We’re part of Grande Prairie’s Northwestern Polytechnic discount program.  We’ll provide a 10% discount (excluding lab fees), to be applied to your cash balance owing, after insurance.  We’ll bill for the full amount and use up your insurance first, then if there’s any remaining balance we’ll take 10% off  to reduce what you need to pay out of pocket.